Convivenza di fatto e solidarietà economica: prassi di assistenza reciproca e nascita dell’obbligo alimentare

Di Massimo Paradiso -

The paper deals with the issue of economic assistance between more uxorio cohabitants in the light of the recent law no. 76/2016, which provides for a genuine duty of solidarity only at the time of its ending. In particular, it is expected that the former cohabitant unable to maintain himself has the right to receive “alimenti” from the other one – that is, what is necessary for the basic needs of life – for a period proportional to the duration of cohabitation. However, the question arises whether the particular intensity of the relationship does not affect the general criteria for determining alimony and, first, if it does not affect the reciprocal contribution during the cohabitation.

2_Convivenza di fatto e solidarieta economica