Solidarietà e autosufficienza nella crisi del matrimonio

Di Salvatore Patti -

At the beginning of the new century, among the principles delevoped in connection with the matter of divorce, the European Commission on Family Law indicated the principle according to which, except particular cases, “following the divorce, every spouse shall provide to their own needs” as being the general rule. A similar evolution can be found in the French legal system that, in 2004, has adopted in the Code civil the principle according to which the divorce “met fin au devoir de secours entre époux” and in German one that, in 2007, introduced the principle of the “self-responsibility” in the BGB (German Civil code). The “post marital solidarity” survives only in exceptional cases and, generally, for a limited period of time. A similar reform seems advisable also in the Italian legal system.

1_Solidarieta e autosufficienza nella crisi del matrimonio