I regimi patrimoniali delle coppie internazionali sposate o registrate in Europa: i regolamenti gemelli

Di Ascensión Martín Huertas e Ubaldo Greco -

The Regulations, which respond to three basic problems presented in Private International Law will undoubtedly remove many obstacles which often arise between married couples and those in registered domestic partnerships for the duration of their union, and above all its dissolution, whether that be due to the death of one of the partners or by the couple entering into crisis. The reality of the European judicial life has demonstrated that the existing differences between the distinct member states of the Union cause various damages in an important aspect for couples; the scope of their economic relations, and is the only one regulated which does not consider the application of personal relationships. Undoubtedly, harmonizing this matter will help to achieve greater levels of freedom of movement within the European Union, and have a direct and positive impact on the creation of a European judicial space which would provide legal security and easy judicial access for the citizens of the European Union.