Riforme ed evoluzione del diritto di famiglia: riflessioni su un percorso di mezzo secolo

Di Tommaso Auletta -
In this work the author provides an overview of family law evolution in the last fifthy years, that deeply modifies is original framework fixed by 1942 Italian Civil Code, thanks to the contribution of statutory reforms and new interpretations, especially from the Courts. The first step of this evolution was the introduction of divorce (1970), but there were other important steps like the General Family Law Reform Act (1975), the Act on unified status of sons (2012) and the Act on Civil Partnerships and Cohabitation Rules (2016). That important changes involved not only the most important principles of family law, but the model of family itself. In fact, now, there is not a sole model of family (based on marriage), but there are different models of that. Moreover, the author does some reference to other reforms, not so much important, that there are discussed in today’s public debate or that, in their opinion, should be good solutions to improve family law framework.