Disposizioni anticipate di trattamento: tempo di comunicazione, tempo di cura

Di Angelo Di Sapio, Daniele Muritano, Adriano Pischetola -

The paper deals with problems arising from the Italian Law 22 December 2017, no. 219, containing rules on informed consent and advance treatment provisions. The Authors start from the consideration that the Law no. 219/17 involves relationships between persons, human beings, not legal entities, not Titius, Caius and their imaginary juridical relatives. Crossing this, they investigate the rules on law: the relationships between patients and doctors, the importance of the personal identity in approaching the advance treatment provisions, the role of the fiduciary and his duties, the problem of the adequacy of the information received before drawing them. There is a dignity in living, and a dignity in dying. Now it is necessary to verify on the field, whether Italy and Italian people are ready for a mild and gentle law.