L’educazione religiosa del figlio tra libertà personale del genitore e interesse del minore

Di Valerio Brizzolari -

The Italian Supreme Court returns to pronounce on child’s religious education in case of crisis between the parents. In the present case, the mother wants to educate her child to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion, whereas the father prefers to bring him to catholic catechism. The courts of first and second instances decide that the father’s choice is more suitable for the boy, because the Jehovah’s Witnesses would reduce his chances to interact with other children of the same age, being that religion excessively sectarian. The mother resorts to the Supreme Court, challenging the Court of Appeals’ judgement on the basis that her freedom of religion and of child’s education have been unduly limited. The Court admits the complaint and states that the judge can limit one’s freedom of religion only after having concretely verified that the parent’s choice is prejudicial for the boy.