L’impugnazione del riconoscimento per difetto di veridicità nel prisma della nuova filiazione

Di Maria Novella Bugetti -

The analysis focuses on several aspects of the renewed discipline of the recognition action for lack of truthfulness: 1) the most relevant assimilation profiles of the action of recognition to that of deny paternity; 2) reversing the perspective, the prediction of the imprescriptibility of the action of deny paternity of the child, an aspect about which the action of disavowal has been assimilated to the lawsuit of untruthful recognition; 3) the contribution offered by the jurisprudence to this process of assimilation of the action ex art. 263 c.c. to that referred to in art. 243-bis of the Civil Code; 4) finally, what are the critical aspects of the discipline of the action to challenge maternal recognition in relation to the action to contest maternity ex art. 240 c.c. and in consideration of the human fertilization procedure.