Polifunzionalità dell’assegno di divorzio e tutela del coniuge debole

Di Valentina Di Gregorio -

The recent United Sections of Italian Court of Cassation case law has highlighted the rebalancing and compensatory nature of the divorce spousal support by enhancing the contribution and the renunciations made for the management of the family by the weaker spouse and considering the economic conditions of the spouses before the marriage, instead of the previous standard of living. Since the divorce maintenance payments shouldn’t be aimed at giving compensation for damages or a penalty, the judge has to make an assessment also focused on the matrimonial property regime and on the spouses role in the family as parents, while the unpredictability of decisions could be reduced by preferentially recognizing the right to una tantum sum (especially in short-term marriages) with a legislative amendment and definitively admitting the validity of prenuptial agreements in contemplation of divorce.