Genitorialità naturale, genitorialità procreativa artificiale, unioni civili

Di Ippolito Barone -

The Constitutional Court, in the decision examined, while declaring inadmissible the question of the constitutionality of the rules that prevent the issuing of a birth certificate with indication of double maternity in the event of recourse to the prohibited practice of heterologous fertilization by couples of women, nevertheless recognizes the possibility for the legislator to introduce a different discipline from the current one. The comment, underlining some inconsistencies with observations made by the same Court in other rulings, again on the subject of double maternity, in particular decisions nos. 221 and 237 of 2019, focuses on the problematic recognition of a legal statute to “procreative same-sex parenthood” in the light of the principles of responsibility for procreation and double parenthood, which mark the constitutional model of parental relations and which are based on the personalist norm.