I rapporti tra mantenimento del figlio, alimenti e Reddito di Cittadinanza

Di Stefania Pia Perrino -

The Supreme Court has ruled again on the parental economic support for the non-self-sufficient adult child and stated that where the child has not spent the professional title, nor found a stable job on the labor market or a job that remunerates him to such an extent as to make him self-sufficient, the child is not entitled to child support by the parent. However, the right is not recognized because to meet the need for a dignified life, to the realization of which every young adult must aspire, there are other instruments of aid that remain aimed at providing income support, without prejudice to the maintenance to be operated in the family. The present contribution analyzes the motivation behind the verdict, in parallel with different rulings, and deepens the relationships between parental support, maintenance and the so-called Guaranteed Minimum Income.